Information for 5th class parents:

A child in our school in the 5th class pod has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The school, together with the HSE Public Health Schools team, have identified your child as a close contact. Your child should stay at home and restrict their movements immediately. You will receive a call from the HSE Contact Management Programme and testing will be organised. You will need to inform the contact tracer of the Day10 test date 24/09/2021 to enable these tests to be booked for you. If either COVID-19 test is positive your child must self-isolate and you will be called by the HSE. If your child has a negative result, they must continue to restrict movement until the second test has been done. If this test is negative and your child is well, they can stop restricting movements and please contact your school or childcare for a return date. If your child does not attend for testing as advised they must restrict movements up until and including 28/09/2021.  Further information on restricted movements and self-isolation can found here
Please note: Results of Antigen Tests are not sufficient. Only PCR results can be accepted by the school and must be shown to the school prior to your child returning. If you choose not to get your child tested, they must remain off school until the 29th of September as mentioned above.
Thank you all for your co-operation in this.

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