Skping a school in Co. Mayo

20/10/2013 21:49

When we began learning Amhrán na gCupán in Irish, we never expected that it would lead to so much fun! Pupils who knew the sequencing of the cup movements made a video tutorial for the other pupils and we posted it on Twitter. Scoil an Inbhir in Co. Mayo saw this and tweeted back that they were also learning the song and asked us if we would like to skype them and sing the song together. We agreed and had great fun on Friday evening.

We chatted to their pupils for awhile.We learned that they have 29 pupils and 15 are in the Senior Room. Our Junior Room students came in and said hello to their Junior Room and then we sang the song together.

Scoil an Inbhir also made a video and posted it on their school blog.

Bhí an-spórt againn!!