The Girl From Spain - By Leah 

There was a tall girl from Spain,

And she didn't like "waynes".

She only likes cats

That are really tall and fat.

This girl appears to be very very vain.

The Man from Raphoe By Cáitlin

There was a man from Raphoe,

He had a very big toe.

It was really hairy,

The colour of a cherry.

It annoyed him terribly so.

The Girl from Derry - By Nadine

There was a young girl from Derry.

One day she ate an old berry,

One night she felt a tickle in her throat

Then she spat out a toy billy goat

And thats what she told her friend Kerry.

On the way to Buncrana - By Dervla

On the way to Buncrana

I picked up a banana 

just incase I was needing it

I tried peeling it 

And on  the way home I saw my Nana.

The Man from Co. Down 

By Eimear and Brian and Tiernan

There was a man from Co. Down.

Everyday he went to town.

He bought a dog,

It turned into a frog.

And then he started to frown.

A Girl from Letterkenny - Cate 

There was a girl that lived in Letterkenny,

She went to a shop called Pennys,

She bought shirts and tops,

Oh, she really bought a lot,

Now she needs to buy a hat for Lenny.

The Lady From Strabane - By  Niamh 

There was a lady from Strabane.

She fell and hurt her hand.

She went to the shop ,

To get an ice-pop ,

And after that she was grand.

The Boy With an Ice-Pop - By Louise

A little boy went to the shop,

He also bought an ice-pop,

It was mint, And he named it Clint,

Then he ate the ice-pop from the shop.

The Young Man from Clare - Shania

There was a Young Man from Clare,

Who one day went to a fair,

Bought every last thing

And ate like a king,

'Til he hadn't a penny to spare.